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Law and data handling

Data Protection Regulations

The purpose of the present Data Protection Regulations is to inform you of the practices in connection with the handling (collection, use, publication, etc.) of the information accessible on our web pages. Please read the Data Protection Regulations carefully before using the pages and before you send any information to these pages.

1. Passive data collection

2. Active data collection

2.1 Data Handling Notice

3. Data security

4. How can you get into contact with us?

5. Changes to the Data protection Regulations

1. Passive data collection

While browsing through our web pages certain information may be collected passively (i.e. without the information being actively given) by various technical devices (e.g. cookies1, Internet tags2) or by navigation data collectors3 (log files, server logs, clickstreams). Internet browser programs automatically send certain types of anonymous information to the website (for example, the URLs4 and IP5 addresses of web pages previously visited as well as the name and version number of the browser program used). The web server may also obtain certain anonymous information through use of technical devices listed above. Internet browser programs provide the opportunity for you to receive a warning message about these cookies or to switch them off. However, by switching them off, certain functions of the website will not be available or will not work properly.

The passively collected anonymous information is used – after analysing the statistics and trends – to change the website in accordance with your preferences, to improve it and simplify its use thereby raising the standard of our services. This information cannot be linked to personal data.

2. Active data collection

Our website also collects information actively by providing the means for visitors to communicate directly by sending electronic mail, registering on the site, etc. In certain cases the shared information may be of a personal nature (i.e. making it possible to identify the person providing the information, for example, via name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.).

In order to access certain services and specific areas of our website (e.g. technical pages) it is necessary to register yourself.

There is a separate registration page for doctors/pharmacists (“Data handling on the Internet website containing specialist healthcare information and in relation to electronic communication by e-mail” – hereinafter abbreviated as “specialist registration”) and a separate page for other persons interested in healthcare issues (“Data handling on the Internet website containing healthcare information for laypersons and in relation to electronic communication by e-mail” – hereinafter abbreviated as “layperson registration”).

In both cases during registration we ask you – with the understanding of your liability under civil and criminal law – to provide us with data that is real and relates exclusively to you (not to other persons). Berlin-Chemie reserves the right to delete, without notification of any kind, the registration of those persons who use the name, e-mail address or other personal data of any other persons.

Berlin-Chemie, as data handler, will handle your personal data in full compliance with the protection of personal data and the publicity of data of public interest act LXIII of 1992, and takes the necessary measures in the interest of secure and confidential handling of this data.

Your adequately informed approval is required for active data collection to take place about you on our Internet pages. We ask that you read our Data Handling Notice in the following point 2.1 of the present Regulations – this Notice can also be accessed from the registration page. The data provided during registration and communications with us means that you have voluntarily accepted the contents of the Data Handling Notice.

2.1 Data Handling Notice

2.1.1 The data handler and contact information:

Name of data handler: Berlin-Chemie/A. Menarini Kft.
Address: 2040 Budaörs, Neumann János u. 1.
E-mail: bc-hu@berlin-chemie.com
Telephone number: +36 23 501 301
Fax number: +36-23-501-300
Contact person (person responsible for data handling): Tibor Erményi (IT manager)

2.1.2 The use of data processors

During the above data handling, Berlin-Chemie employs a data processor for certain data processing activities (e.g. data collection).
The data processor is obliged to perform its duties in accordance with the instructions given to it, the present Data Protection Regulations and the stipulations of the relevant legal acts. Berlin-Chemie immediately informs the data processor if it gains knowledge of an amendment to the personal data made accessible for the purpose of processing, a change in the ability to handle this data, or a declaration of withdrawal relating to its deletion.

At present the following companies perform data processing activities for the Data Handler:

Name of data processor: Intermundia GmbH
Address: 10245 Berlin, Neue Bahnhofstr. 9-10
Contact person: Andreas Spahr

Telephone: +49 30 246 30 721

Fax: +49 30 246 30 723

E-mail: andreas.spahr@intermundia.de

2.1.3 Data transfer

In the case of specialist registration, if you wish to take part in specialist training courses, Berlin-Chemie may transfer the following data you provided to further training accreditation institutions (based in Hungary) for this purpose, according to the following point 2.1.4 b): name, title, basic registration number (number of doctor’s stamp, or pharmacists’ national registration number).

At present Berlin-Chemie does not transfer the data received during layperson registration to third parties.

2.1.4 The purpose of data handling:

a) Registration; communication; legally mandated registration obligations; commercial communication, market research, prize competitions.

b) In the case of registration by doctors and pharmacists (in addition to the above): registration in the interest of accessing specialist information; participation of those involved in specialist training courses and in support ofthis (in the interest of complying with the stipulations contained in decree 52/2003 (VIII. 22.) and ESzCsM with reference to the ongoing further training of doctors, dentists, pharmacists and clinical specialist psychologists).

2.1.5 The scope of the handled data and the duration of the data handling:

Berlin-Chemie handles the personal data provided on the registration datasheet and through other ways (e.g. by e-mail, completion of questionnaires) exclusively for the purpose according to the above point 2.1.4. Certain data are essential for registration (e.g. e-mail address, while other data are optional. The registration form indicates the data that is compulsory for a valid registration with an *.
The Data Handler handles the personal data for as long as the purpose of the data handling exists. When the purpose of the data handling ceases to exist, as well as upon the request of the person affected, the personal data is deleted immediately.

2.1.6 Your rights and opportunities for assertion of your rights

You have the opportunity to receive information about your personal data handled by Berlin-Chemie – via any of the contact points indicated in point 4 of the present Data Protection Regulations – and to correct it. Furthermore, you may request the deletion of your personal data, the termination of the data handling, and its restriction to certain data handling operations.
Furthermore, you have the right to turn to the courts in the event that your rights are infringed upon and demand compensation for the damage caused to you by the illegal handling of your data or by the violation of the requirements for technical data protection.

2.1.7 The legal basis for data handling

We would like to call your kind attention to the fact that both the provision of consent relating to data handling, and the provision of the data are voluntary, and that the legal basis of the data handling carried out by Berlin-Chemie, is your informed consent. The registration identifier of the data handling:

- The identifier of “Data handling on the Internet website containing specialist healthcare information and in relation to electronic communication by e-mail” (see: registration of doctors, pharmacists): 01876-0007.

- The identifier of "Handling of data collected on and in relation to the Internet website also containing healthcare information for laypersons and collected during electronic communication by e-mail" (see: registration of other persons interested in healthcare issues): 01876-0008.

We handle the data given during registration in accordance with the present notice. Please read this document carefully and indicate on the registration form if you consent to the data handling.

3. Data security

On our Internet pages, we take the necessary steps to protect the personal data sent from your computer, especially against unauthorised access and accidental deletion or damage.
However, we would like to call to your attention that Internet data transfer cannot be perfectly secure and completely without error. Especially in the case of electronic messages (e-mail sent from or to our web pages) it may be possible that the data transfer is not secure, therefore, we ask you to consider carefully what information you send to us in your e-mails. The user is responsible for the security of passwords, identifiers or other special access methods.
The pages on our website may contain links that take you to web pages where the principles contained in the present Data protection Regulations are not applicable.

4. How can you get into contact with us?

If you have any question, request, complaint or observation in connection with the Data Protection Regulations or with the information to be found on the pages, we ask you to contact us via any of the channels given in point 2.1.1.

5. Changes to the Data protection Regulations

If any changes take place to our data handling practices, we will publish these in the Data Protection Regulations – by updating the regulations. We ask you to return to this page regularly, especially before you provide any personal data.

Legal Declaration

- the conditions of using the website -

Berlin-Chemie/A. Menarini Kft. informs you that browsing its website (web pages) also means the acceptance of the following conditions:

Related provisions

This website was set up in observance of the related Hungarian legal acts – especially act XCVIII of 2008 on the basic conditions and certain restrictions of the economic advertising activity, act XLVII of 2008 on the prohibition of unfair commercial practices against the consumer, act XCVIII of 2006 on the general rules of safe and economic medicine and therapeutic appliance supply and of medical marketing, act LVII of 1996 on the prohibition of unfair market practices and the restriction of competition, act CVIII of 2001 on certain questions relating to electronic trade services, and services in relation to the information society, and act C of 2003 on electronic communication, furthermore, Ministry of Health decree 3/2009. (II.25.) EüM on the detailed rules relating to the presentation of medicines for human use and therapeutic appliances, to the registration of persons performing the presentation activity, and relating to commercial practices with regard to consumers in connection with medicines and therapeutic appliances –, furthermore, in observance of the Medicine Communication Code of Ethics of the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association and the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

Limitation and exclusion of liability:

You are using the pages of the website of Berlin-Chemie/A. Menarini Kft. under your own responsibility.

Berlin-Chemie/A. Menarini Kft. – as the owner of the website – does everything within its power in the interest of maintaining the website with up-to-date and precise information, but it does not accept responsibility for direct or indirect pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary damages in connection with the connection, browsing and downloads, or problems originating from other use of the website, or from the temporary inability to use it, or for any technical faults or deficiencies of the website, and the accuracy of the published information, its timeliness and completeness. Neither our company nor those participating in the creation and operation of the website may be held liable for these. Our company reserves the right to change, correct and/or perfect the content currently appearing on the website and the programs described there at any time, without notice, furthermore, to terminate any or all of the services of the portal without advance notice.

The notices and announcements placed on our Internet pages cannot be viewed as the undertaking of obligations. Using the information obtained from our web pages, or from other pages accessed through them, is done at your own responsibility.

You may also access other websites through the links on the website, however, our company does not guarantee the continuous availability of links pointing to such websites – owned by other parties – and it does not accept responsibility for the content of the pages accessible in this way, even if reached by clicking on a link on our company website Any links are merely for the convenience of our web page users .

Berlin-Chemie/A. Menarini Kft. does not accept responsibility and cannot be made liable for any damages occurring to your computer or other property as a consequence of connecting to, the use of, or browsing in the portal – including any negative event occurring during the downloading of any material, data, text, picture, video or sound recording.

It is not the purpose of the healthcare information published on our Internet pages (notices relating to health/illness or in connection with medicines) to replace the relationship between the patient (website visitor) and the doctor, and we are unable to reply to e-mails in connection with personal health problems. We ask you to consult a properly qualified healthcare specialist if you have a health problem or question mentioned on our web pages.

Berlin-Chemie/A. Menarini Kft. can only be made liable for the content of the information published on its website in the territory of the Republic of Hungary within the framework of the provisions of the domestic legal acts.

Copyright provisions, rights linked to intellectual property

The content of our company’s website is protected by copyright. You may only download, display or print out information from our website through the Internet for personal use. You remain obliged to show the name of the author on the pages downloaded or printed in this way and to observe the regulations relating to copyright and to other intellectual property rights.

You may neither in part nor in its entirety distribute, change or use the content of this website for the purpose of publication or for commercial purposes – including its text content, pictures, sound and video recordings – without the prior written approval of our company.

The logos and trademarks placed on our website may only be used and copied with our prior written approval. Links pointing to our website/web pages may only be placed on other websites not in the ownership of our company with the prior written approval of our company.

Berlin-Chemie/A. Menarini Kft. treats all notices sent to its website – including any data, with the exception of personal data, questions, comments, proposals – as non-confidential information without pecuniary value. You acknowledge that, with this, you are providing us with a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence, free of all limitations in time and space for the use, copying, amendment, processing, public presentation and translation of all or any such material for any legal purpose without limitation.

About children

These pages are not intended for children under 14 years of age. We encourage parents to use software or online services to make their children’s use of the Internet safer.

Information in connection with registration, other questions

The use of certain services on our website (e.g. newsletter) and accessing specific parts of the website (e.g. specialist pages) – in the interest of compliance with the legal acts in force and other stipulations relating to our company – requires that you register. The regulations in connection with this, as well as the data protection/handling stipulations affecting the use of our web pages are contained in the Data Protection Regulations.

Changes to the content of the web pages, to the Legal Declaration

We reserve the right to change any part of our website or the present legal declaration at any time, without notice. If any change takes place in the conditions of use of our website, we will publish this in the present Legal Declaration – by updating the declaration. Any change to the present Legal Declaration will enter into force on the next occasion you visit our website. Nevertheless, we are not obliged to maintain our web pages in an up-to-date condition.

Date of last update of the Legal Declaration: 28 August 2008

1 A "cookie" is a small text file used for storing information, which the website sends to your browser program. Its only purpose is for the site to remember certain information in relation to you and your settings used when browsing.
In the settings of Internet browsers it is possible to authorise the receipt of various types of cookies or refuse them. You may also request a warning message, so that on every occasion you can decide to allow them or refuse them. If you want to know more about “cookies” and how to adjust your settings, click the section on “cookies” in the “Help” menu of your browser program.

2 "Internet tags" are smaller than “cookies” and tell the website’s server information such as an IP address and the type of browser program on the user’s computer. These “tags” may also be placed on online advertisements directed to the website and on various pages of the website. Such “tags” show how many times the given website has been visited and what information was viewed or downloaded most frequently.

3 "Navigation data" (log files, server logs and clickstream data) serve to improve the content of the website, used for market research purposes and to simplify communication to visitors.

4 The “URL”, otherwise known as a web address, is the standardised address of certain resources found on the Internet (for example, texts, images).

5 Individual web pages use the so-called Internet protocol (IP) address. The IP address is actually a number that your Internet service provider allocates to your computer; it is via this that you gain access to the web. The IP address is not suitable for determining the identity of the user, as in most cases it changes continuously (on every occasion when you connect to the Internet), in other words it is much more dynamic than static (linked to a certain user’s computer) information. Using the IP address we can identify certain server faults as well as the shortest path required to get to the individual pages.